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logoECVPT diplomats have to

  • keep abreast of new developments within the veterinary profession both within and outside the speciality;
  • understand the limitations of his/her own speciality in the perspective of the veterinary profession;
  • understand the possibilities for ECVPT specialists to interact with specialists in other areas and vice versa;
  • be familiar with the potential for multidisciplinary cooperation;
  • understand and practice evidence-based medicine.

In order to achieve these goals, and to establish the training programme, the ECVPT Executive Committee is guided by the following criteria:

  • A registered specialist shall spend most of his/her working time working at specialist level in academia, public service or industry
  • The training programme has been established in consideration of those of parent disciplines (veterinary science, pharmacology (International Union of Pharmacology, IUPHAR) and toxicology (International Union of Toxicology, IUTOX))
  • The training programme should be of a similar breadth and quality to those developed elsewhere (e.g. USA, Australia), which allow inclusion of other training or experience, thus enabling mutual recognition of specialist registration in future
  • A registered specialist should practice/work in an academic environment or a private company, in a laboratory, a hospital or a national or international institution with adequate facilities for the specialty

The form below can be used by Diplomates requiring reaccreditation in 2017. The deadline is March 31st, 2017

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