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  • Acquiring and using skills in general and applied pharmacology and toxicology
  • Acquiring and using skills in methods and techniques applied in pharmacology and toxicology and their supporting disciplines
  • Completing a project that contributes to the advancement of veterinary pharmacology and toxicology.


The Resident is required to participate in the education of graduate veterinarians and/or students of veterinary medicine. This may include formal lectures to students, workshops and seminars, which should be recorded in the Presentation Log.


The Resident should publish at least two (2) original veterinary pharmacology and toxicology papers in a scientific journal. The Resident must be the first named (i.e. principal) author of one of these papers, but does not necessarily have to be the principal author of the second and subsequent papers.

If any of the papers are published in a journal that does not appear in the Citation Index, a letter must be attached from the editor of the journal indicating that it is a peer-reviewed, internationally distributed journal. If any of the papers are published in a language other than English, an English abstract must be provided with the application.

The Resident is also responsible for:

  • Maintaining the Resident Activity Log listing teaching, rotations, and conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures attended
  • Maintaining the Resident Presentation Log listing presentations given at veterinary pharmacology and toxicology conferences and other relevant professional meetings
  • A minimum of one (1) oral presentation presented at a national or international congress
  • A minimum of six (6) seminars during the Programme. For the purposes of the programme, a seminar is defined as a scientific presentation to veterinarians, which is followed by a discussion period
  • Regular presentations at in-house working meetings.
  • Documenting external training
  • Providing an annually-updated curriculum vitae to the Resident Advisor and Programme Director
  • Submitting copies of the updated Resident Activity and Resident Presentation Log to the Resident Advisor by July 1st of each year
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