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logoResidency programme forms

  1. Resident application form (when you want to apply as a Resident)
  2. Residency training programme registration form (for accreditation of the Institute that is responsible for the training of residents)
  3. Training Information Brochure
  4. Intention to sit examinations form 2014
  5. Intention to sit examinations for 2015-16 

Short written reports

As part of the requirements to qualify to take the ECVPT certifying examinations candidates are asked to prepare and submit five (5) short written reports. These reports are designed to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to handle and report on veterinary pharmacology and toxicology problems at a specialist level using a problem oriented approach. The objective of these short written reports is to demonstrate how a candidate thinks about a problem.

Below are some examples covering a range of subjects, including drug interactions in clinical cases, adverse drug reactions in clinical cases, critique of guidelines, topical medication and drug testing in horses, and antimicrobial selection for otitis externa.

The Resident should prepare reports on a variety of subject matter to reflect the breadth of their knowledge. The College takes any evidence or allegation of plagiarism very seriously. Copying other short written reports or excerpts from textbooks or articles is cheating. Confirmed incidences of plagiarism will have serious repercussions (including permanent exclusion from College examinations or suspension from the College).

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